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The Spyre app helps you discover where your energy flows, what you're feeling and how to cope and improve! Find your undiscovered talents and make mental health a daily habit. Well-being is the future!

Our goal is to help you improve your inner self and find happiness .

How you feel is super important! Trying to understand why you feel the way you feel can be a task sometimes. The Spyre app helps you reflect on those emotions daily and helps you improve yourself even more! With our new technology you can keep track of your energy flow.

The Five Building Blocks

How do you feel today?
Spyre measures your well-being and energy flow through five “Building blocks”. Based on these weekly results, you can see exactly where you unconsciously focus on more. With personalized tips based on those results, you can even out the different building blocks and find back your natural balance. This will result in feeling better, less stressed and calmer.

Features in the app

The future of discovering your inner selfie.

Daily Questions

We ask you daily questions about different topics you probably don't think about on a daily basis. By answering these questions you take a little time for yourself and create the ability to reflect. Your answers will be processed into your personal progress page where you can see your daily and weekly balance. Read more about this on "personal progress page" at features in the app.

Five Building Blocks

Balance is important. But how do you find that balance? With the five building blocks in Spyre you can keep track on how you think, feel and where your energy flows to the most. Different life events can result in different feelings and focus. These five building blocks are your guideline to find or keep your natural balance. On your personal progress page you can find your balance. Read more about it on "personal progress page" in "Features in the app." The five Building Blocks are: 1. Emotional 2. Adaptive 3. Physical 4. Spiritual 5. Cognitive

Mood meter and Journal

How you feel matters! Emotions can change as quickly as the weather, so it's important to remember those feelings. Keep track of your emotions in the Moodmeter and take notes about them in your personal journal. It will show you an overview of your mood per month, with your journal pages saved with it. This way you can comprehend certain emotions and link events to it.

Personal tips

Based on the data of your personal progress, answers to daily questions and your balance between the five building blocks, the Spyre app provides you with useful and personalized tips to improve wellbeing and find your natural balance. The more you interact with the Spyre app, the more specific tips you get.

Personal progress page

Discover your inner selfie!

Your personal progress page says a lot about you, how you're feeling and where your energy flows. You can see your natural balance and how it changes throughout days, weeks and months. Maybe you're more out of balance because you had a stressful life event? The Spyre app keeps track for you and explains the data on your progress page in detail.

Spyre Daily community

You're not alone!

Everyone copes with negative emotions and setbacks throughout life. Finding comfort and someone to communicate with is very important to see things from a different perspective, getting things off your chest and connecting with people on a more meaningful level. Whether that is in real life or online. In the Spyre Daily you can find the Spyre community. This page is all about asking questions, sharing stories, giving personal tips, motivating each other and to inSpyre. Find your community or create your own on the Spyre app!

Find your community

And get inSpyred
Share thoughts, inspiration, emotions or experiences with others in the Spyre community. Post on the Spyre Daily feed or make your own Spyre group chat. You are not alone!

“The Spyre app made me aware of where my energy is flowing to. Spyre taught me that my mind and body together had a lot of influence on my mental health. By moving more I was a lot more comfortable in my skin and I felt way less stressed. Thank you for the valuable tips!”


“I could get very lost in my own emotions when I had to do my studies from home. My mental health deteriorated rapidly and I felt very alone. Fortunately, I discovered the Spyre app, in which a community shares inspiring stories, where I could ask for advice and support. A very valuable online friendship if you ask me!”


“During the corona pandemic, many of my employees worked from home. Because I no longer saw them every day at the office, I didn't notice how they were doing. I didn't even think about it until a number of people dropped out with burnout complaints. Spyre has helped us tremendously with this problem. Even though we are back in the office now, I can see how everyone is doing on a daily basis in my Spyre platform and I can plan specific meetings about energy balance, work pressure and mental health. Thank you Spyre!”


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