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Inner selfie

You will receive questions for 7 days that stimulate you to reflect, stand still and go within. We create your inner selfie based on various questions.

Answering the questions will only take 3 to 5 minutes every day and you can do this whenever and wherever you want. To create a balanced impression of you it is good to do this at different times during this week.

After successfully completing the 7 days you will receive an overview of your average on the 5 Quotients (5Qs). In mathematics, a quotient is the result of a division. Your Spyre overview is also the average result of your personal energy balance. You also get the sum of the Qs, which we call your personal Quote Energy Index or your QEI.

Increase your well-being

The goal of Spyre is to be aware of your own well-being on a daily basis, to be conscious about how good or bad you feel and what you can do to feel yourself even better.

Through a daily tip and a daily quote, we encourage you to go outside your comfort zone. Your change to try something new and discover what you can learn from it.Furthermore, Spyre helps you to find your undiscovered potential and to create a natural balance in your energy. The application gives you a good indication of where your attention and energy are going. This is an easy way to engage in self-reflection and your own development.

Setting a baseline

To start with Spyre easily, we have introduced a baseline measurement. You will receive 15 questions in one go, after which you will immediately receive the first initial overview. In this way you will experience the possibilities immediately on the first day, so you can then continue independently.

You will receive the first snapshot of the 5Qs with specific tips for developing yourself on the different quotients. After a short waiting period of a maximum of 1 hour, you can start the first day of a full 7-day Spyre journey.

Energy balance

The overview of your Quote Energy Index and the 5Qs is a picture of you where your attention and energy are going. It is a specific snapshot of the past 7 days. This is not right or wrong. It gives you an entrance to where you can develop yourself and where your untapped potential lies.

It is also not about scoring a 10 (A+) on all 5Qs, but that you find your own natural balance in your life and learn how to return to this balance better and better. In this way you can better deal with setbacks, disappointments and you can optimally deal with your own energy management.



Fill in the questions to get to know yourself even better. Use this daily reflection.

Discover more about yourself

In the 7-day Spyre journey you will be asked various questions that will give you insight and possibly drives you to take action.

Spyre Daily

Keep in touch with other Spyre users, read what they think, see what they do and how they increase their well-being.

Spyre Community

Connect with the community, share your own tips, ask for help and be inspired by the actions of others.

My Progress

By answering more questions, you get a better insight into yourself and enrich your inner selfie.

Spyre Journey

This dashboard is your guide in your Spyre journey. You can choose which Q you want to develop yourself in, you will also find your personal tips and things that stand out to us in your answers.


We give you a daily reminder, a unique Quote of the day, to consciously stimulate you to work on your own well-being. And immediately take a look at what's happening on the Spyre Daily.


We will send you a daily reminder to fill in your questions when you are in a 7-day journey. In this way you always stay on track of your own development.


In Spyre you will find a daily tip to drive you to action. Take control of your own well-being and take action.


The various tips are intended to set you in motion to increase your own well-being. Do you need additional help with this? Please feel free to contact one of our inSpyred Business Partners.

Premium Features

After purchasing Premium you get access to infinite sessions, additional dashboard and personalization options and our special feed for a year.

Special offers

In the special Spyre Daily Premium feed you will find additional discounts and offers from our inSpyred Business Partners for workshops, training and products to further boost your well-being.

Inspirational questions

Our questions and answer options are specifically designed to stimulate you, to make you think and reflect and are easily accessible so that everyone can use Spyre. While answering, you are already unconsciously developing yourself.

  • Simple questions with an impact on your well-being.

  • Short time investment per day (3 to 5 minutes) to get results.

  • Limited number of questions per day within the 7-day journey.

  • Rich variety of questions about the 5 different Quotients.

  • Mix of questions focused on finding your natural balance.

  • Different answer options for the questions.

  • Room for reflection while answering the questions.

  • 7-day journey to create a weighted average.

  • With each new 7-day journey, Spyre collects valuable information to better create your inner selfie.

To give a balanced impression of you, it is good to answer the questions at different times during the days. This way you get a good idea of how you experienced a week. After completing the 7-day journey, you will receive a snapshot of the 5Qs.

Your Spyre journey

After successfully completing the 7 day journey, Spyre will create an overview based on your answers. This is a snapshot and weighted average over the past 7 days.

In this overview you will find your Quote Energy Index (QEI) and the values of your 5 Quotients. The QEI is the sum of the 5Qs, your personal energy balance over the past period. A healthy balance is based on a QEI between 32 and 40 points. If you are lower, this indicates an energy leak. If you are higher, this gives a possible indication of over performance.

When you have done the 7-day journey several times, now or in the future, you can see the baseline measurement and the development over the last 6 completed session. This all together is the gateway to discovering your untapped potential and developing a natural energy balance.

  • The ‘exclamation mark’ icon means that we have noticed an answer. This may be because you took longer to answer a question or switched answers more often than usual. This is nothing to worry about and we will give this back to you to reflect on.
  • The ‘question mark‘ icon shows you information about the different Quotient and the QEI. This is to gain additional insight into what this means and how you can develop yourself in this aspect.
  • The ‘light bulb‘ icon shows you a tip related to a specific Quotient with its value. The personal tip is intended to develop yourself in this specific area, for example to grow your AQ from 5.5 to 6.0.

Spyre Daily


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InSpyred Organizations

The new measure of Organizational Success

Successful organizations pay attention to the happiness and well-being of their employees and actively involve them in developments in the organization. By consciously embedding both aspects in the culture of the organization, great successes are achieved with a resilient group of people. The formula below comes from global research “State of the Global Workplace 2021” by the research firm Gallup.

In Spyre you have the opportunity to put this formula continuous into action within your organization for both individuals and teams. By enabling this on a daily basis, you create sustainable organizational success.


Spyre for organizations

Since humans spend a large part of their time interacting with others and that much of the learning and development arises there, we have also made Spyre applicable for organizations. Organizations in the broadest sense, think of the following examples:

  • Contact with residents and companies in your municipality or province.
  • Connection with citizens who use your central government facilities.
  • Build a relationship and loyalty with customers of your services.
  • Contact with users of general and utility services.
  • Connection with the people in your association, foundation or community.
  • Build a relationship and loyalty with users of your products and services.
  • And of course in collaboration and contact with people and teams within your company.

An important condition for an inSpyred Organization is that people’s well-being is central and that by using Spyre you give people an accessible way to develop themselves.

That is a really great gift for your people and yourself, isn’t it?

The Theme Quotient

Becoming an inSpyred Organization grants you access to the Theme Quotient (TQ). The TQ gives you the opportunity to add specific questions related to your organization and give you the opportunity to more easily get in touch about topics that concern you.

In this way you get more insight and a feeling of what is going on with people. The data about the TQ is anonymized and can never be traced back to individuals. Based on this TQ information, you can proactively intervene and work preventively on the well-being of people. This leads to happy, committed and energetic people in your organization.

Who doesn’t want this now?

TQ subjects

Modern leadership 73%
Customer satisfaction 69%
Vitality Policy 39%
Sustainability 60%
Employee satisfaction 39%
Circularity 40%
Talent development 39%
Digitization 88%
Sustainable employability 57%
Energy transition 38%
Biodiversity 78%

Your inner selfie – Your data

Also, when using Spyre in organizations, teams and other communities, your personal data remains your own. It’s your inner selfie, so it will remain your information. Of course, you can and may share these whenever you want. Your data will never be provided from Spyre!

Of course, you can choose to share information whenever you want. The applications are endless, like:

  • Using the 5Qs during a team check-in, a day and week start and as part of one of the agile ceremonies to indicate how you are feeling.
  • In the recruitment and selection of people and the composition of high-functioning teams.
  • You can use the insights in conversations about your personal development and putting together a development path and plan.

Additional Development Assistance

When you need help for the next steps, now or in the future, you can always engage one of our business partners to take your next growth steps together. You do this by sharing your data with one of the partners for a personal conversation.

inSpyred Business Partners

We work closely with our inSpyred Business Partners to introduce and implement Spyre, formulate powerful TQs and questions and to guide your teams. They are skilled in propagating and using our method and know exactly what to do to help you further.

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