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Become a healthy and successful organization with Spyre. Measure the well-being of your people and get to know them better. A healthy work environment helps your business thrive. Start your Spyre business journey and make your organization a healthy and happy workplace!

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of well-being at the workplace.

With our new technology you can become the leader of the future! The Spyre platform makes it possible to always be aware of what happens around your work environment. Discover where energy flows and how to engage in the well-being of your employees. Because, happy employees means a healthy business.

The new way

Of measuring succes in organizations.

We created the platform of the future. Keep track of (beginning) mental complaints of employees and make a premature conversation possible. See where energy flows, decrease stress, prevent burn-outs, create sustainable work, develop stronger teams and close the gap between you and your employees. Let your organization Thrive!

Meet Our Team

Together we build the future of well-being

Roy Schoemaker

CEO - owner

Roy is the CEO-owner of Spyre. He is constantly talking with organizations about well-being in the workplace. He is driven to create healthy work environments all over the world. “Every organization has its own problems, ánd its own great potential. We just have to find, solve and optimize it.” Besides having lots of knowledge about healthy work environments, Roy is always brainstorming on how to make one gathering platform (the Spyre app), where you can find the perfect tools for wellbeing on the workfloor.
Would you like to talk about how to improve your organizational work environment? Get in touch!

Timo Cohen

Product manager

Timo is the product manager of Spyre. With multiple psychology degrees and a passion for technology, he’s always thinking about how to improve mental health with an app anyone can use. Together with Apollo, he’s constantly improving features, researching and brainstorming. “Creating an app you can use daily to improve mental health is something really beautiful to me. Combining psychology, well-being and technology is the future.”

Jacques van der Ent


Jacques, the visionair. Always finding new ways to connect with others all around the world. His passion is to inspire and to be inspired. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is something extremely valuable to Jacques. He integrates these stories and new findings into new and innovative ideas, such as Spyre. Building a community around mental health and well-being is something Jacques wants to achieve with Spyre. Because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how old you are and what job you have: We all experience emotions. So why not share them?


Leaders of the future

Spyre Roadmap

The future features
2022 Q1

Business specific sets of questions

The Spyre app asks you daily questions to reflect and collect personal data. This data is used to give personal advice and to create your progress page. At this progress page you will see your energy flow and overall emotions about certain topics. In the future we will add a specific business question set to reflect on well-being at the workplace.

2022 Q1

Business specific sets of questions

2022 Q2

Goal setting

In the future, the Spyre app will have a personal Goal setting page. At this page you will set goals for the future and get personal tips and challenges on how to achieve this goal. You can set your own goal, or join group goals!

2022 Q2

Goal setting

2022 Q3

Habit Builder

The Habit Builder will teach you to integrate new, small or bigger, habits into your daily schedule. This multiple week challenge will encourage you to build a new habit. You will receive reminders and rewards by doing this particular habit.

2022 Q3

Habit Builder

2022 Q4

Improved Journaling features

In the current Spyre app, you can keep track of your mood in the Mood meter and write in your personal Spyre Journal. In the future Journaling in the app will have new features, like adding keywords, pictures and drawings.

2022 Q4

Improved Journaling features

“During the corona pandemic, many of my employees worked from home. Because I no longer saw them in the office every day, I had no idea how they were doing. I didn't even think about it until a number of people dropped out with burnout complaints. Spyre has helped us tremendously with this. Even though they are now back in the office, I can see how everyone is doing on a daily basis in my Spyre platform and I can plan specific meetings about energy balance, work pressure and mental health. I can call my office a healthy workplace from now one. Thank you Spyre!”

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